AW 19/20 Collection

We find ourselves in an Era of change, of shifting between spaces and individual and collective states. We connect ourselves with each other and the world, placing the human being at the center of evolution. We connect ourselves internal and externally, raising awareness of the need for well-being with ourselves and with the world. We believe in the complementarity between functional/creative, spiritual/mundane and we approach the future positively, from a balanced perspective of sustainable and sensorial, where the less and better become our way of introspection.  


TINTEX makes smart, custom designed fashion fabrics with at least a 60% use of more sustainable materials including:> Regenerated cellulosics such as Tencel / lyocell, made from managed woodpulp sources in a closed loop system with minimal waste. > Organic cotton , BCI Cotton and Ecotec ® ( circular economy ) > Naturally organic linen > Organic wools > Cork – circular economy
All materials are supported with original or brand supplier certifications.

TINTEX presents two collections per year focussed in three concepts: Timeless, Fashionable and Innovative


The Timeless Collection sees a range of classic jersey fabrics upgraded with a new modernized appeal with perennial favourite colours with a twist are transeasonal and classic. Simple structures prevail with ribs, pique and interlocks in smooth, clean finishes that have a lustrous mercerized glow, and soft to the touch, everyday and versatile with a luxurious feel.


The Fashionable Collection shows four distinct looks combining the contemporary with performance and style, and focus on the personality of the end game.

Fashionable CollectionThe Intimate

Here we see an introspective mood prevailing with colours that are light and vaporous mixed with new neutrals that have a genderless appeal.New super-lightweights mix cotton crepe twists and luxury blends of Tencel and silk, cashmere and micromodal, while a masculine vibe reinterprets smart, clean looks in easy-care merino and recycled polyesters.

Fashionable CollectionThe Experientialist

Mysterious darks combine with a sense of virtual colourations. Tencel shines in new lightest weights with a liquid look that contrasts with weighty and glossy satins.Smart performances surprise us with Tencel & recycled polyesters with stretch. Fabrics explore a new three dimensionality with neat cellular textures.

Fashionable CollectionThe Instinctive

Empathy with the natural environment inspires authentic textures and comforting touches. Autumnal and familiar colours serve transseasonal developments. Jersey fabrics with an ambiguous aesthetic and function: with relief or volume but especially soft to the hand; Utility-looking knits with hidden performance; jerseys produced with organic and recycled fibres visually clean… perfect for the city. Recycled and organic cotton, recycled polyester, waste from post industrial cork. Cork coatings evolve to a new sophistication.

Fashionable CollectionThe Expressive

An urban utilitarian neutrality mixes with iconic sports colours. Fabrics deploy a technical mix of Micro Tencel, Merino Wools, Cottons & Recycled Polyesters in diffused and blurred optics contrasted with luminous clear effects for protective and bulky outerwear matched with baselayers.


The Innovative Collection crosses all boundaries and assortments with new technologies and performances. Engineered nature/tech blends use formaldeyde free coatings to deliver poetic, futuristic and dynamic effects. Lighter fleece and translucent jersey webs use light reflection mixed with soft metallised surfaces, and sensory fabrics mix a duality of sensation, contrasting the crisp and dry with a noisome papery touch or a muffled soft and pliant feel.Thermo responsive and UV sensitive techno hybrids maintain performance with their TINTEX responsible heritage. Even more eco sustainable qualities are delivered in a full range of new hi-tech organics, with Cottons, Recycled Pe, Recycled Stretch and Tencel. All are revealed in a new warm and familiar autumn toned palette, in reversible dual textures, fancy jerseys, fleece and ribs. It is a conscious utilitarian collection with an easy performance for the new athleisure category.