The TINTEX vision is to build a new generation textile business that truly delivers an eco-sustainable strategy for all its production and fabric innovations through dedicated investments in technology, assets and skilled teams of specialist staff.

TINTEX nurtures a strong relationship between creativity and commercial realities and its DNA helps define how new business can be done better.

The vertical integration of the TINTEX supply chain and processes confirms total creative control, with technical expertise, skills and strategies deployed across its international operation to supply responsible premium fabrics that match contemporary consumer needs.

TINTEX has a workforce family
of more than 120 skilled staff, who are up-trained ongoing to deliver high quality jersey innovations through a dedication to design creating natural innovation hybrids with technical smarts and responsible values.


A continuous investment development program is in place to create and maintain our leading market ready business strategy that matches international customer expectations.

The TINTEX journey to be a ‘best in class’ manufacturer of quality jersey fabrics comes from this investment, year on year, of over €26 million for its R&D schedule in cutting edge machinery, finishing technologies, design research and a modern marketing and communication strategy for TINTEX added values and how our customers benefit.

TINTEX: Para aqueles que procuram soluções “Naturalmente Avançadas”

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