Who we are. What we do.

Tintex started in 1998, and is now a reference in the textile sector, providing dyeing and knitted finishing services, latter evoluing to production and sale.

Considering the customer an essential part of the process, it is recognised for its flexibility and dedication, because it works with every case as a unique case, thus guaranteeing a unique and distinctive process.

Values such as quality, precision, initiative, innovation and expertise guide Tintex’s day-to-day. When combined with a great know-how and the best equipments, it is a guarantee of unique services and products.

An extremely flexible company, which specialises in each of the services offered, because the target is to make a better and faster responsiveness to customers' demands bearing in mind their complete satisfaction. It has high production capacity and extensive experience in exportation to all over the world.

With its position, it has a great concern for the environment. Therefore, Tintex has been focusing on sustainable techniques, promoting respect for the environment.

In sequence to this ecological policy, Tintex favours the use of natural fibres to be a European leader in TENCEL ® / lyocell, organic cotton and wool.

A pioneer in the processing and sales of knitted fabrics TENCEL ® / lyocell, Tintex is a symbol of excellence and prestige. Its commercialised products are distinguished by their quality, durability and finishing, which are the result of an ongoing process that combines know-how, innovative techniques and the most advanced equipment for for TENCEL ® / lyocell.

With a range of world-renowned customers, Tintex ensures a leading position with a simple but extremely wise philosophy: the quality of our products is evidenced by our customers’ satisfaction. And it’s to achieve this objective that it works every day, always with unique quality and presenting innovative solutions.