Tintex Supported By Portugal 2020

Tintex has the support of PORTUGAL 2020 for three complementary projects:

The "High Tech Fabrics by Tintex" under the Productive Innovation Incentive System aims to increase technological innovation through the acquisition of sophisticated equipment that will diversify the range of products and consolidate the internal R & D capability.

"High Tech Fabrics by Tintex – Internationalization”, embodies the company’s Internationalization strategy and contemplates: a web presence through the digital economy, exploration and knowledge of foreign markets, the development and international promotion of brands, introducing new methods of organization and business practices.

The "High Tech Fabrics by Tintex - Qualification" promotes investment in strategic capabilities and competitive management, as well as the use of ICT.
Drives a strong commitment to boosting web presence, in branding, in design and quality.