Functional Finishing // by HeiQ

HeiQ Materials AG is a Swiss high-tech company producing high performance sustainable effects for textiles and the medical market.

Pure by HeiQ

Designed to create high-performance antimicrobial and anti-odor functions in textiles.
The antimicrobial action of silver enables long-lasting protection against bacteria. It is ideal for combating bad odor development and for improving hygiene in a health-care context.

Barrier by HeiQ

Designed to protect textiles against water and oil. Highly effective repellency means droplets simply roll off the fabric, wicking away dirt.
It is ideal for outdoor wear, work wear, medial fabrics, awnings and other demanding textiles.

Adaptive by HeiQ

Designed to create clothing with smart thermoregulation. This is an entirely new technology, with patent pending, for thermal and moisture control, keeping wearer cool in hot weather and warm when it is cold. The result is greatly enhanced comfort for underwear, T-shirts, socks, bedding, and more.

HeiQ Materials