At the forefront of technology, Tintex searches innovation, giving their products the best finishing.
With high flexibility, allows Tintex to respond effectively to any challenge, always with the best results.

Registered Trademarks

Tintex owns four high quality trademarks.

Super Cotton ®
An advantageous alternative to mercerisation, which presents many advantages:
. being cheaper
. being more ecological
. having a better touch
. having a natural appearance.
It can be used in cotton and linen articles and in some blends with other fibers. It gives the product a clean, shiny, silky and elastic appearance, bringing its touch close to the one of viscose and polyamide, but keeping all the advantages of natural fibers.

Mão de Seda ®
A product of preference which combines high quality with a competitive price. It can be applied on cellulosic products and blends with spandex and other fibers, giving the article a clean finish and an extremely pleasant touch.

Heaven Comfort ®
With an extremely soft touch, the Heaven Comfort finish is used in open-end viscose articles, giving it a silky look and a guarantee of pilling grade from 4 to 4 / 5 to 18000 rotations. Even after 50 washes the article keeps its original unchanged look.

Angel Skin ®
Gives the cotton articles a very silky and comfortable touch. It combines the lightness of the Super Cotton to the touch of Heaven Comfort ®.
Registered Trademarks