An ecological alternative!

With undeniable environmental advantages, TENCEL ® / lyocell is a natural product obtained from wood fibre, a renewable resource, secluded from self-sustaining forests. TENCEL ® / lyocell is extremely versatile, has the unique characteristics of softness and resistance, enabling numerous applications on clothing and home textiles. Its natural origin, combined with the most advanced technologies, enables the presentation of countless final results, from fluid, silky and comfortable to more full-bodied items.

Tintex investment

Recognising the potential of this eco-fibre, Tintex pioneered in its use, being the European leader in the processing and commercialisation of TENCEL ® / lyocell knitted fabrics.

Investing heavily on the quality of the finishing and on the production capacity, it has been since 2000 that Tintex deepens its knowledge in this area, providing itself with partners who hold a deep know-how and have specific machinery. Currently, the production process is optimized to respond effectively to large quantities, thereby possessing a unique answer capacity.

TENCEL ® / lyocell presented by Tintex is recognized and used worldwide, distinguishing itself from competing products for its extreme durability and quality. Tintex is proud to be the largest company worldwide finishing in TENCEL ® / lyocell knitted fabrics.
Tintex investment